Here is how you can track Aadhaar history for the past 6 months

Here is how you can track Aadhaar history for the past 6 months

UIDAI has officially announced of knowing the all updates made in Aadhaar card on The service called ‘Aadhaar Authentication History’ helps a citizen to check at least past 6 months data for all the authentications carried. Aadhaar Authentication history  service hosted on UIDAI Website provides details of authentication performed by the individual resident in past.

These are such as Aadhaar-based biometric, OTP or demographic authentication for availing various services. UIDAI via its Twitter account has also given a tutorial, for better knowledge of this service. One can click on the URL for availing Aadhaar Authentication History service at UIDAI.

Here’s how the procedure works, as per UIDAI. 

Resident can check his/her Aadhaar Authentication history from UIDAI Websites by using his/her Aadhaar Number/VID and following the directions on the website.

However, it needs to be noted that, registered mobile number is mandatory to avail this service.

You can get the following information in Aadhaar Authentication history against every Authentication done by resident:

1. Auth Modality.

2. Date & Time of Authentication.

3. UIDAI Response code.

4. AUA Name

5. AUA Transaction ID (With Code)

6. Authentication Response (Success/Failure)

7. UIDAI Error code

Aadhaar number holder can view details of all authentication records performed by any Authentication User Agency (AUA) or by him/her in the last 6 months. However, a maximum of 50 records can be viewed at one point of time……….Read More>>


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